Introducing DAN GROOVER

Artist Profile


Dan Groover aka Israel's Warhol


Born in Israel, Dan arrives at the age of 7 in the Paris suburbs. The artistic career of Dan Groover began with the emergence of urban culture Hip-hop in the 80s in Paris. Through graffiti (mural with spray paint) the young man will find a tool by which he can express his inspiration and sensitivity. 

In 1988, Groover moved to the Caribbean where the change of scenery and the good life will bring his paintings to move the wall to the canvas. Groover then began studying at the School of Fine Arts of Martinique, and taught himself philosophy and psychology. His work is then exported through various exhibitions and art projects Antilles to the United States. 

In 1995, the passage of the West Indies in Jerusalem reveals a new transition in life and artistic process becomes Groover Dan Groover. Since then, he draws his inspiration from the written Aramaic and Hebrew ancient, his painting expressing the social and human now talking about spirituality revealing an absolute truth that transcends the human and society.

Timeline & Achievements



Groover and Emmanuel meet with Shimon Perez

Organized by the Emmanuel Gallery of Fine Arts in Tzfat, Dan Groover painted and presented his work to Shimon Perez, famous Israeli Head of State


Groover in action

Yom Arts Maout -Jerusalem 2015

TED x-Tel Aviv