Introducing Elinor Bracha


Her Story


Elinor Bracha was born 1983 in holy city of Tzfat and grew up nearby on a small farm just up the hill from the Sea of Galilee. At the young age of 10 years old, my perspective in life changed drastically. I was diagnosed with cancer in my right arm. I had to go through two years of serious struggle to recover and I am still healing from my scars to this day. The disease damaged my right arm so much that the upper bone and muscle tissue had to be completely removed and replace with a metal bone. I dealt with this whole experience by learning to paint. However, I was right handed, so I had to learn to paint with my left hand. By painting I learnt to connect with G-d. With my art I began blessing his name with energetic vibes that pass through my inner PAIN into pleasurable PAINT! 

Until today I am completing and revealing the truth that is locked in the illusion of this wonderful life on earth. The biggest gift is to feel and sense G-d, and my soul finds freedom and blossoms with every brush stroke. 

In the last three years I got an opportunity to get even more closer to the truth and come back to G-d. My inside eyes and in deep prayer screamed for true love will all my heart. And my request came to life big time thank G-d! I married yom tov the one who's bringing me out to the good light of life. We already own an art gallery in my birth place Tzfat Israel. With all my heart I thank G-d, and am preparing for the redemption soon!