Introducing- Moshe Dadon

Moshe Dadon- Micro Calligraphy



Moshe Dadon - Master Calligraphist

 Born in Casablanca Morocco, he returned to the land of his forefathers in 1962. while working as a police investigator in Safed, he began painting to give expression to his strong feelings about Judaism and the character of Safed.

Mr. Dadon works in Microcalligraphy, writing in small letters and combining text from the bible in pictures. this type of art is known from many hundreds of years ago.

There are many different types and styles of micro calligraphy, and Mr. Dadon specializes, unlike others, in hand-printed lettering. the writing is clear and concise, to such an extent that one could read the miniature text with no difficulty.

Preparing each picture can take anywhere from three to twelve months. each picture is related to the writing. mr. dadon mainly draws biblical characters and major events from the bible. alongside, he draws symbolic street scenes and stories from the holy cities of Israel.

Among his pictures, one can find complete books written in micro calligraphy, such as genesis, exodus, etc. within each picture, the complete book is shown in an artistic manner through several central motifs (i.e. in the book of genesis: creation, Noah's ark, the sacrifice of Isaac, etc.) one can also find the five megillahs and many others.