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Vered Otmy - Papier Mache

Vered Otmy is an interdisciplinary artist, unique as well as self-taught, who is specialized in sculpting and painting on Papier mâché. Her work is distinctively vivid and colorful. Vered’s creativity stems from curiosity, joy, endless searching and observation.
The art of Papier mâché combines two qualities for Otmy: the technical aspect, of creating distinct and exact forms in the matter, and the emotional aspect of the experience of working in a simple and flowing manner. The results are of very high quality, full of happiness and joy, and arouse enthusiasm.
Though occupied with her work, Otmy finds the time to volunteer with organizations for the mentally ill and to guide workshops in Papier mâché, out of the understanding that dealing with this material offers creativity and freedom of expression even for

Otmy’s works are divided into two types:
A. Dishes and bowls that are handy and useful, such as bowls for Matzot, pomegranates etc. One can use them, wash them by hand with soap and water and then dry. The bowls are not to be soaked in water.
B. Sculptures of animals and imaginary creatures. These colorful sculptures are of an ethnic flair, three – dimensional and are made in various sizes, ranging from a height of few inches to many feet tall.
All the Hebrew writing is hand written by a qualified scripted (Sofer)