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Will was born in Montclair, NJ in 1969 and as a young child moved to Palm Springs, CA with his family where he grew up. He studied ceramics in high school and then furthered his education while attending College of the Desert in Palm Springs, CA. He spent his time in school mostly sculpting abstract figures but wasn’t very interested in academics. In 1990 an opportunity came along that would change Will’s life and career forever.


Accepting an invitation to work in a small village in Taiwan making furniture, Will jumped at the chance. He was introduced to the art of making furniture out of acrylic and fell in love with the material. After spending 2 years in Taiwan, Will became a partner of the company and decided to move the manufacturing back to Palm Springs, CA were he designed unique furniture pieces and created them out of acrylic. He remained there for the next ten years.


In 2000, Will decided it was time to go out on his own. As Will continued to make furniture, he soon discovered that he could take remnants of acrylic and create art forms in sculpture. These early, experimental works were usually given away to friends and family until one day he discovered how to add color and seamlessly fuse the acrylic into unique art forms.

These mini masterpieces caught the eye of some key executives from the commercial world. Will started to create centerpieces for Walt Disney’s corporate parties and then started making displays for various companies such as Burberry and David Yurman Jewelry. In 2005, Will was introduced to his first artwork by famed Israeli artist, Yaacov Agam and he was instantly inspired by the movement of his pieces.

Since then, Will has primarily spent his time creating art sculpture forms. Will’s artwork has been featured in many art galleries around the world as well as Fine Art Juried Exhibitions throughout the USA. As artists continually strive for new creativity, Will recently started incorporating glass, metal and wood into his acrylic sculptures. 

In 2007, Emmanuel and Will crossed paths and started working very closely ever since.  They have together in their combined efforts, created a beautiful line of Judaica inspired pieces that are exclusively sold thru the Emmanuel Gallery of Fine Arts network.


Born in Montreal, Canada, Emmanuel has always had a knack for design. It naturally started with his dear mother Esther. Esther, loved drawing and turned that love into a profession, sketching fashion designs and eventually designing her own successful clothing brand. Growing up and being around his mother’s atelier at such a young age, Emmanuel got to see a lot of aspects of design, from sketching, to fabrics to sewing. His first love was drawing, however he took a strong liking to constructing, putting pieces together and coming out with a finished product. 

He went on to study in Yeshiva for 3 years, and then learnt Torah Scribing (writing tefilin, mezouzot, sefer Torah) at a renowned school in Bnei Brak.  All the while leaving the art in him, kinda dormant…

After moving to Tzfat, Israel as a newlywed, Emmanuel opened up a boutique restaurant, but his passion pulled him to Art eventually. Living in a city with so many galleries and so many artist he felt it was his calling to at least try his hand in the industry. He started from the ground up, working in different galleries, each gallery specializing in some form of art or another. He eventually opened his first gallery with his wife, Hadas, and the dream just began.

Not long after opening his first gallery, he started designing sculptures with the famed sculptor Wil Grant. They worked hand in hand in creating what is now the Emmanuel Judaica sculpture collections, adding new pieces every few months.

From then on, Emmanuel found himself immersed in creating and in creation mode. He has since gone to explore his brush strokes and painting skills and has found another love, painting.

The first few years of operating the gallery and being exposed to so many artists and so many different types of art, its really ignited the love for creating in Emmanuel.



Organized by the Emmanuel Gallery of Fine Arts in Tzfat, Emmanuel presents to then Interior Minister of Israel, Eli Yishai, a sculpted menorah, from Will and Emmanuel designs


Emmanuel with then Mayor of Tzfat, Ilan Shohat


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