Introducing Yom Tov



Yom Tov Blumenthal immigrated to Israel in 2010 and moved to Safed where he established a gallery for his Jewish-themed graphics and animations. He creates colorful creative pop art which incorporate Jewish and Israeli themes in lively sketches and paintings.

Yom Tov (Michael) Blumenthal was born and raised in Philadelphia. He studied computer animation in college and created a wide variety of short films and animations along with cartoons, a comic book about a modern day Jewish Golem that rips terrorists apart with his “payas” -- sidecurls -- and a fine art graphic novel.

Yom Tov creates human, animal and purely imaginative images in bright vivid colors and startling detail. Each picture tells its own story with swirls, strokes and hues. In many of his paintings Yom Tov creates one central image and then adds other elements to expand the painting’s storyline. Some of Yom Tov’s images are lifelike while others are completely imaginative and bear no likeness to any actual life form. The Yom Tov Gallery of paintings includes such disparate impressions as a dove flying over the city of Tzfat (“Shalom from Safed”), a man and woman in the Garden of Eden (“Bad and Angelina”), a Hebrew letter pomegranate tree (“Rimon Ben Torah”), a psychedelic mixture of shapes and objects (“Quad Spiral”) and a Star of David with intricate woven lines, framed by Hebrew letters (Mogen Dynamics)

Yom Tov’s Blumentoons depict goofy characters who move compatibly through life. The images are completely imaginary and show beasts with silly eyes and unusual traits. The Crunchel tucks its head in when attacked and has “zolkins” -- hooks which launch out to grab food. It’s brain chamber opens and allows the brain to run around and air out. Other creates include snake-like creatures and other imaginative beasts.